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In my most in-depth video yet, I take a look at the ThunderCats video game, its (sort of) never released sequels & the story of whatever happened to the NES game.

I spent bleedin’ months researching this, talking to programmers, other researchers Etc. so what you see in this video is a lot of information never revealed to the public before, so I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did discovering all these tid-bits!!!

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Big big thanks as always to the uber talented Phil Murphy for drawing the title card/sub background:

Frank Gasking at GamesThatWerent.com – for the emails, images and information about the cancelled games:

Alex Greig for letting me uses his 2011 Thundercats remix and opening re-make:

Steve Wilcox at Elite – for all the information he had in regards to the Thundercats games.

John Pickford for the photo of Steve Wilcox.

and Oliver Harper for constantly nagging me to finish this episode 😀



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  1. An NES Thundercats game SHOULD have been made back in the day. That show was a piece of my childhood as was the NES. Having them both meeting together would have sent my 10-year-old self into orbit! Alas, it was never meant to be. sniff

  2. Its simple because of their love for thundercats the reviewers after saw for the first time an actual thundercats game didn't had the heart to give a lousy score to this.And since this was the only game released based on the tv show,and wasn't something better to compete with this elite game they said what the heck its better than nothing.Probably the challenge it provided also made them consider it as a game worth playing for because of the times you needed to finish it? But it was at least an effort instead having nothing for a game experience with thundercats.I always made thoughts about why never konami or capcom didn't released a beat em up close to their X men game or the punisher with them.They have released turtles,bucky o-hare,asterix but never thunder freaking cats,i still make thoughts for how an arcade like that would be,the bosses the stages enemies etc!

  3. More and more I'm enjoying your channel. Hats off for covering the thundercats. It was one of my favorite shows.

  4. Damn… I had Thundercats for the Spectrum (128k+2 I had!)… I remember actually enjoying it too. Though I DID find it hard to follow as I WAS just a 7 year old kid then!
    I seem to recall the game having something to do with collecting elements? Air, Earth, Fire & Water…? Is that right? Or am I getting it mixed up with something else?

    Larry, should you read this (or anyone else for that matter), do you remember the game Bravestarr? Once again, based off of a cartoon… I recall loving that game! Smooth gameplay and responsive controls, yup, I definitely had fun with that one! Oh, and yeah, I'm talking about the Spectrum version again. I think you're the same age as me? 41? Born in 1979? (I saw your first TV appearance from 1993, and you said you were 14 on that, so that would make you the same age as me roughly…
    So, yeah, like me you (possibly) grew up with the Spectrum 48k, 128k, 128k+2 (inc.A tape deck), 128k+3 (inc.A fucking DISK DRIVE! A BIG thing for that time!). I had a 128k+2 and a +3. I actually went through 3 different Spectrum 128k+2's, because my young temper back then used to RAGE!!! I headbutted a couple of the things and snapped the board inside, under the keyboard! I was only between 7 and 11 years old when I had them! A right little violent fucker I was (with inanimate computers!)…
    God, I ended up having 100's of games for the Speccy! Shame they all got chucked away in the end. =o( Especially being so nostalgic for them now! Some of those games were just amazing to play! I spent a LOT of my time, even then(!), trying to tell my friends – "GOOD GRAPHICS DO NOT MAKE A GOOD GAME! GAMEPLAY DOES!"
    Yep, I was honestly saying that back then, as a little kid.
    After the Speccy's I had an Amiga 500+ and an Amiga 1200 (with a 60MEG Hard Drive! No more disk swapping Monkey Island and Indiana Jones & The Fate Of Atlantis's ELEVEN DISKS!), I LOVED those Amiga's too! Thankfully they're still in the loft. I'll have to check them out soon… Man, was I a little nerd! I actually hooked the pair of them up together to use the RAM/ROM and extra disk drives (along with extra external disk drives too!).
    Then I went to college, lost all interest in computers and got into music in a BIG way instead! The next thing I had was a PS1 in 1996… Oh, I had a Sega Game Gear then as well, and I still love that. Though I hate the Master System! Even though yes I know the Game Gear was a handheld Master System, it was certainly MUCH better that way! Otherwise, I've never liked Sega at all. Master System or MegaDrive. Much preferred the NES and SNES, though I LOATHED the Game Boy. Still do! Game Gear was sooooo much better. Need to get one of those new up to date LCD(?) screens for it though. Mine's gone kaput.

  5. "It suffers from being Thundercats. Have you watched it now? It's sooooo bad." – Gryphon, Planet Dominion 2019.
    The reboot was leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor.

  6. i didnt even know they rebooted it… my dad showed me the origional show and i loved it.. i will have to check out the reboot

  7. Good video on the whole, but I recall this getting a lukewarm reception in Zzap! 64 so it wasn't the case that "all" mags at the time liked the game. I also think the game itself is closer to Green Beret than Ghosts 'N Goblins as far as gameplay goes. Finally, if you think the NES had better sound than the C64, then you either haven't heard much SID music, or need new ears.

  8. 6:50 ish: The magazines didn't review it so highly because they were bedazzled by the graphics, they were clearly paid off by the TV studio behind Thundercats. That's clear enough from the overblown scores, over hyping, and excessive name dropping eg. "It's like Rastan, Rygar, and Ghost n Goblins all rolled into one!!"

  9. They could have made a Thundercats game that was in line with the Ninja Turtles games. It would have been wildly successful.

  10. It makes perfect sense now that Thundercats was developed initially by Gargoyle Games. The graphics seem to be ripped out of Tir Na Nog. I owned both games but didn’t make the connection back then.

  11. I'm confused, so what was the reason it didn't come out in the U.S.? He stated that it was advertised to be on the Nintendo system, and what it likely would've been like on the NES, but I do not recall him saying why it never came out.

  12. watching your videos makes me remember how much i wasted on c+vg, often 6 months after release by the time it got to australia

  13. Funfact the reason why the thundercats 2011 gotten terrible ratings have was due to cartoon Network constantly changing the shows schedule as it was intended to air on adult swim but was changed at the last minute as they thought that since thundercats was originally made only for children they should air the reboot at a time were children would be at school and fans of original who likely started families of their own would be at work. This would fuck up the show ratings which led to the cancellation of the show

  14. I rather to see Lionel in Killer Instinct on Xbox One also Megatron on the Xbox One playable fighting characters 🙌✌️😎✌️👍

  15. "It seems the reviewers of the day were more bedazzled by the graphics, rather than the gameplay." So… no different than the reviewers of games today, gotcha.

  16. There was an actual arcade sequel to Bomb Jack, Bomb Jack Twin which was two players having a female Bomb Jack as 2P


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