36 Smart and Interesting Responses to 'HOW ARE YOU?'


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  1. Which response was your favourite?? ITALKI OFFER: Buy 1 lesson, get $10 free credits at italki: http://go.italki.com/englishwithlucy
    Contribute subtitle translations and have your name displayed under the video once I personally approve: http://bit.ly/HowAreYouSubs (can really help your translation skills, as well as giving you a warm fuzzy feeling)

  2. 6.24 that laugh is so genuine and diamond priced.
    Had to edit this comment. Every bit of her is so genuine and beautiful

  3. Worst scenario:
    Friends:how are you?
    Me:good.how about you?
    Friends:Also good
    thinking of some topics to continue talking
    absolutely cant think some topics
    the air is now akward

    Me:*trying to leave the akward zone* i have to go home. Bye
    Friends:*want to end this akward-ness* bye

  4. As a native English speaker “I’m doing good” is just as fine as I’m good I feel like everyone knows the context within that

  5. Those expressive eyes and lil twitches of facial muscles….u make learning as nice as falling in love ♥️

  6. Of course, there's always the Larry David response; "I'M FEELING PRETTY GOOD – PRETAAAAY, PRETAAAAY, PRETAAAAY, PRETTY GOOD." I suppose, that would be lost on anybody who's never watched Curb Your Enthusiasm!

  7. The funniest response I've ever heard regarding someone being asked, "How Are You?", was from Oliver Reed, when being interviewed by Johnny Carson (alongside an irrepressible Shelley Winters) – he answered with much gusto, "QUITE EXTRAORDINARY!"

  8. I am so sad to hear that the response "good" seems to be firmly entrenched in American English. It sounds so ignorant, in my opinion. Even if it's grammatically correct, it still implies a moral state, not health, so the meaning is different.

  9. My go to answer:

    1. I'm very handsome thank you for asking
    2. I'm tasty like a fried chicken
    3. That's classified
    4. I'm short and sweet
    5. I plead the fifth
    6. Better than you
    7. I'm yata, yata, yata
    8. I'm hot and cold
    9. Haven't felt this bad since watching that Ronald Reagan film
    10. Medium well like how I like my steak
    11. You should mind your bee's wax
    12. I'm growing taller by the minute. Actually that's a lie? How am I you ask? Well I just demonstrated to you that I'm a liar
    12. Mediocrously great (who cares if I just made up a word)

  10. i know lucy very well .i love lucy teach . when she teach i feel very well . really lucy you teach well, sweet & looks beautiful . i am mukesh your student from india .have nice day lucy madam. meet again next video on english with lucy.by by by


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