6 Tips and Tricks: Kingsway


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Hey guys, CreativeInput here. I’m here to show you some tips and tricks for a new game known as Kingsway that came out July 18th, 2017. Below I’ll provide a some details of the various tips and a bit more details regarding the tips that I did not include in the video.

1. Potions on screen including magic potions, attack potions (also keep most windows open so it’s easy to navigate) etc.
2. Keeping West to not encounter overpowered enemies.
3. BLOCK regardless of class or skill type (minimal damage is essential in this game).
4. Skill points (one point in either strength or magic and two points in agility)
5. Sell items (items that you plan on not using, items that are useless or do not need)
6. Do all quest so you can level up faster (i’ll include the places of some mobs from the game to give you quest items)
Bandits – Bandit’s Tooth – Grass (found while traveling to destinations)
Cultists, Demons (various types), Imps – Demon Ward and Demon Wands – Mountains
Shrud Lord, Fungaloid – Living Roots – Forests/Trees
Skeletons (various types)/ Gibbers (sometimes) – Skulls – Grass (usually)
Ascended (various types) , Sea Serpents (different types), Mimics – Water for different types of Ascended/ Sea Serpents, Grass for different types of Ascended, Dungeons for Mimics.

Hopefully this helps and if you have any questions please leave them in the comment sections. Anyway guys, have a nice day!

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  1. You can unlock secret classes that make the game easier but you have to kill demon king the other one is easier you have to get to the bottom of different dungeons 3 times each time you will get a feather consume it once you consumed 3 you can talk to the sky eater.

  2. I know it's late, but dude: script before you speak, and speak up! People watching shouldn't have to turn the volume up just to hear you, then start skipping because you aren't being concise.

  3. Man I dun goofed… Diden't read the message properly & I was just messing around now my world is practically covered in darkness… RIP :[

  4. Who the fuck names their character "Taylor", my last characters name was "DRUGS MONCH" and the one before that is "Queefus". What the god damn fucking shit is this? Whatever I guess I have the default profile picture on youtube, so who am I to talk?

  5. Great little tip video for just starting out!

    For me personally I actually find block to be mostly useless, especially in mid to end game, but it's different playstyles. Even as a warrior I'd much rather just get another hit in than block. I've also found that basically every class except mage seems to be most powerful if you just fully invest every stat point in str. I know it sounds kind of backwards for things like rogue, but Str and crit will make them it so you barely ever get hit thanks to stun. I just found huge investment into agility didn't pay off as well. I'd love to try more with high agility rogue and such but I always find it's a lot more of a struggle. I guess that counts as hard mode of the game tho 😛 Like honestly, if you want easy mode, just try warrior, full str stat and crit items, and never block. You'll kill everything in two hits, especially if you invest in that skill that speeds up your first two attacks, which usually makes it so you get two hits in before the enemy even hits you back.

    I'm looking forward to experimenting with mage more for sure.

  6. Heres some more tips for anyone else who's looking.

    – turning in a magic item to an monolith with give you an extra skill point and activate the monolisk.
    – turning in a unique (yellow) item to a monolith will give you 2 crescent potions that give you 1 stat point each.
    – activating all monoliths and then going through the gate way will give you access to the underworld.
    – rings are good low weight magic items you can keep a few in your bag incase you ever come across a monolisk.
    – untested (turning in a strange stone removes a curse, turning in 3 magic and a normal enchants the normal)

    – in each abandoned house you should check the library first if there is one, then proceed to check the other rooms, there will always be 1 chest and 1 enemy. So if you find the chest first you can just leave because all that will be left is an enemy.
    – always explore the dungeon to get the alters for a free 3-4 skill points even if you finished the boss in the dungeon. (note not the altar with water coming out of it that one cures curses)
    – towns reset their inventory as soon as you leave them, so you can simple move away one space and come back if you have lots of gold and are looking for specific items.

    – try explore left to right
    – demons often drop potions that give free stat points so the neck charm (charnel power run) that gives you extra stats but summons demons is generally a good pick if you need the extra points and also a good early way to get demon charms for the quest. (this item can be brought for 50g from the demon in dungeons that lets you buy 1 item)
    – bell of the dead gives around 10 – 20% bonus exp from my testing (until level 10) seems to be different for different enemies.
    – Scroll of heals weigh significantly less than health potions and are usually cheaper a much better option than potions in the early game, remember to check the magic shop.
    – Scrolls don't seem very useful, but they're actually a good way to quickly get out damage on high hitting enemies to reduce damage you take as they can be cast while you're doing other things.
    – Pay attention to your experience, if you're going to level soon might as well save that health potion and use that mana!
    – Try to put your status window in the corner of the screen so it generally doesn't get covered up by enemies and you can always see your health.
    – Using a book of a skill that has multiple levels increases the skills level. You can also equip items that give bonuses to stats like intelligence to meet the requirements to learn skills through books then unequip those items and retain the skills.
    – buffs and debuffs can be seen down the bottom right on the menu bar, if you mouse over the icons it will show what is active on your character the yellow eyes are debuff and the green eyes are buffs
    – it's a good idea to take a quick view of the map of the world in your guild storage before heading out. If you know how a quick screenshot can save you some bag clutter.

  7. Excellent video. Have you posted it on the community page of that game on Steam? That would certainly get you some views and subs!


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