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Want to spice up that tavern a little bit in your D&D Home Brew Campaign? What about adding an exciting challenge in the form of Mini-Games! Today Tony & Sean talk about mini-games they put into their own Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, and also give you a great resource for said games from the DMsGuild.

Tavern Games:

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  1. Three Point Stabby, everyone rolls 1d4,1d6,1d8. Triple 3s win. Goal is to get a series of numbers, for each number missing you get a point. 3points in a single roll you get stabbed. 5points is 2stabs. 6points(1,1,8) you get killed.
    Use it in shadey cellars or in honourable palaces

  2. WTG, guys! I am making a week-long festival in my city, so some of these should provide some fun for my adventurers!

  3. Hey folks just curious what do you think of our audio on this one we tried a new mic setup and we’re still fiddling with it. -Tony.

  4. Love this. Maybe make games that can incorporate skills or stats like arm wrestling would be strength and poker would be charisma. I've watched streams that they did carnival games and snowball fights


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