AGROUND: Building a Jet & Flying to Magic Island! | AGROUND gameplay #8 (PC Early Access)


More Aground gameplay! We build a full-on airport, taking a jet to explore a deadly magic island with fire boars & evil yetis!
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In this let’s play Aground gameplay video we play the new 2018 early access version, now out on Steam.

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In episode 8 of our look at Aground gameplay, we conclude our tale up a mountain, and jump back in the sub for the return-trip home, straight into a giant ocean-filling creature that we, er, somehow missed first time round.

Then we build an airport and try to power it, working out we need a new generator and more damn uranium. Soon we have a working jet, which we take to a new magic-based island and back again. Or at least most of the way back. RIP sweet Jet.


Official Aground gameplay info:

“As one of the last human survivors, you find yourself stranded on an uninhabited island. With a few other victims of the crash, can you craft, mine, and build your way to survival?”

Developed by: Fancy Fish Games, SnöBox Studio
Version played: 1.4.2 (early access)
Aground release date: 8 August 2018 (early access)
Formats available: PC Windows, Mac OSX, SteamOS + Linux

Official site:


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  1. damn! he flew all the way to the enchanted magic island by jet without a single drop of magic, truly a testament of human's technological ingenuity

  2. Hold up, Hold up! You did what??
    The way you’re meant to get there is by:
    1. Feeding a wyrm INSIDE a CAGE food until full
    2: wait a bit for the cocoon to hatch
    3 – ?: ???
    ?+1: Congrats! You got to the magic island!

  3. You finished the technology story (almost) without doing anything in the magic path?! Like you seriously need to talk to the alchemist! Also good on you for grinding out the airplane stuff i finished both paths and have no will in grinding ship parts and uranium although i thing due to my older save i had less ship parts around!

  4. people in your home settlement keep constantly producing stuff for you. Do you know if upgrading your settlement may result in advanced stuff being produced? like silicon or oil?


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