Analysis: The Simplest Fighting Games


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How accessible fighting games are preserving their depth and what it means.

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BGM in order:

Tekken 7 – Infinite Azure
Street Fighter III: Third Strike – Makoto Theme
Mega Man X – Sigma Fortress 1
Fantasy Strike – Geiger Theme
The Consouls – Infinite Azure (Tekken 7)


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  1. Personally, I don't think Street Fighter needs to be made more accessible. What we need are accessible fighting games in addition to the hardcore ones we already have (which is the point of this video, if I'm not mistaken).

  2. I love how the video started on the theme for Infinite Azure and ended on the Jazz cover of the same song, as if making a statement through soundtrack about how something can be enjoyed through varying levels of complexity. Maybe I am reading too much into it though.

  3. I find two inputs in the same direction wayyy harder to do than simple quarter circles. Maybe my fingers don’t twitch fast enough or something? Or sometimes I push the joystick too high after the first down input and end up crouching then jumping. I don’t know why they’re considered easier :/

  4. I don't think decision fatigue applies too much to the character select screen, at least long term. You'll only be making those decisions when you first start and are figuring out your team, after that you aren't putting effort into making a decision anymore since you just pick the team you've always played. Not to say that it doesn't matter since first impressions are still important, but the issue isn't long lasting. Loved the video though.

  5. I really liked this video. As someone who was defeated by the inability to git gud with the inputs in Street Fighter this is an important issue and I might try Fantasy Strike.

  6. People don't give Fantasy Strike enough praise as a gateway drug for newcomers to get into the genre. As someone who had very little experience with fighting games, I was able to get to a point of making meaningful decisions within 2 hours of practice/research. I feel as though I have achieved some level of competence. Most importantly, I'm having fun since I am not so hopelessly mechanically far behind everyone else. For comparison, I had previously dumped 10 hours into Skullgirls and I still felt like I had no idea wtf I (or my opponent) was doing. All the "fun" strategic gameplay I had never experienced (but kept being told existed) seemed to be locked behind 30 hours of practicing combos and getting roflstomped by veterans in quick match.

  7. I put down fighting games years ago, but a buddy has convinced me to come back to try SF5:CE. This also looks like a really interesting new concept worth dipping back in for, I'm definitely going to support it!

  8. My favorite fighting game is Pocket Rumble, and you can make an argument it’s even more simplistic than Fantasy Strike. It’s two buttons, and specials are done on diagonal down input plus button. DP is 1b

  9. There was a game for PS1 that existed in this space called EVIL ZONE. Very simple to play. Had one attack button and a block button. all moves were made by one direction and tapping, double tapping, or holding the attack button. One of the most fun games I ever played.

  10. basing complexity on motor skills in videogame is stupid, getting artrithis from learning how to play games isn't fun but motor skill based games are awesome so in the end i just think there's just games that need a stick and games that don't but the latters are not necessarely dumb and sometimes its quite the opposite, you can play skullgirls on a phone and its still quite a deep game

  11. i guess you must be really passionate about it,for me learning combos and such it's always a waste of time,i play to have fun not to get a degree

  12. Something I always hated about fighting games is learning inputs. Knowing frame data, different mechanics, and character move sets is already hard, so why do I have to practice inputs? All it does is add a layer of artificial difficulty. While it does at a larger skill ceiling, it creates a massive difficult curve that only exists to “make it harder,” as appose to create depth.

  13. Is it bad that the sloppy dragon punch input you showed was how I thought you were supposed to do it for a very long time?


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