Application task for cologne game lab – Game programming – Democracy


Game by : Unreal Engine 4
Trees , lake and grass downloaded from Unreal Engine 4 launcher

Music :

Animations and characters from :

Video helped me in designing level :

Sounds from :

Toy car and weapon from :

i programmed the game ( Ai , throwing rock and grenades , health , using the toy car , switching animations ……….)
No previous knowledge in programming.


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  1. Hi ahmed Salem, Hope you are doing good. So, do we need to submit only a video file or anything else like software file. Because I am not a game developer but I can do animations. So can I make a animated video like this rather then a game.

  2. Bruuuh looking at all the peoples applications and what the people in the comments talk about makes me feel unmotivated bruuuuuuh everyones like super skillfull and Im like

    Hi I want to apply but dunno any S**t

    good luck @Tsybaki13

    also ahmed u got quiet the audience here >< to many people asking for help I mean it should be their application the task doesn't#t says ahmeds application does it ?

  3. nice work bro, i will apply next year, can you tell me what subjects you gave in A levels and what grades did u got accepted with plz if you can help me with that. and what question examples were in the intervies and aptitude test thanks in advance

  4. Hey. I also want to apply to the Cologne game Lab. I need some advice. As you got accepted can you help me out? It would be great if i could get to contact via email or something.
    Thank you.

  5. مرحبا مشروع حلو و مبروك عل قبول
    انا عندي كم استفسار على الجامعة بكولن و مراحل القبول فيني اتواصل معك اذا ممكن

  6. Nice work Bro. Did you get accepted? I want to apply next year for the CGL programming track and i'm so confused about what my portfolio should contain.
    Did you program the game using UE4's integrated C++ or the visual scripting (Blueprints)?

  7. Finally someone from topic Democracy! (and programming :P) lol
    Nice Work there!
    Check out my project :
    What do you think?


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