[ARCADE/MAME] Chiller – Longplay & Short Review – The Sickest & Goriest Coin-op Of All Time?


Warning! NSFW!
Longplay / walkthrough and short review for “Chiller” – an arcade game from Exidy in 1986!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Is this the sickest & goriest game of all time? Perhaps not the goriest because we’ve seen far worse in modern times (but this was for 1986!), but it is probably the sickest! You play the part of some unknown torturer shooting poor humans and cheerleaders to pieces or activating torture equipement despite the game telling you you’re shooting monsters”! It’s like playing the part of Jigsaw in a game based on
the movie Saw! Bleh! Well, it is halloween – be warned!

Note –

* When you find a hidden / secret item (8 to find per level) a circular yellow symbol appears with lines pointing in 8 directions (best I can describe it! You’ll see!)
* Not to be confused with the earlier released 8-bit budget game of the same name from Mastertronic on the c64 / ZX Spectrum / Amstrad CPC
* Yes, MAME refused to record the cross hairs in the video despite repeated attempts and fiddling around. Sorry.

(c) Exidy 1986

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  1. Does anyone remember an arcade game similar to Chiller but the people in it were green/gray collored and the them was like a zombie horror setting? Graveyards, Masion, torture room. Played it once as a kid in an arcard in Michigan. Never saw the game again. Still huants me to this day.

  2. i remember playing this at Chuck E. Cheese's along with crossbow on Halloween, it freaked me out as a kid but i still played it.

  3. They had this game in a arcade in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA ,
    I played it once in 1986 it was very hard ,
    I was 7 years old at the time when I played it ,
    Way ahead of its time.

  4. I played this game on a family camping trip in the early 90's. People see games are more violent now lol. I was probably about 13 at the time

  5. I was confused when I played this as a kid
    "wait… are you a good guy or bad guy you kill people but you also kill monsters?"

  6. They had this game at an arcade in Factoria Mall back in the late 80's, but it was short lived after some parents saw it in the back of the arcade.


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