Best Game In MyVegas Slots 7's Forever


MyVegas 7’s Forever

New Game! 🔫 7’s Forever is now in the MyVegas App. Now time to put MyVegas Slots Mobile’s newest game to the test. Stick with us as we find the Best Game In MyVegas Slots.

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  1. Try this one folks…that is really what I almost always use to have loads of ʀᴇsᴏᴜʀᴄᴇs DantasGuides

  2. Do you have any game apps for comps at Downtown Vegas? Imma do Grand in May… it’d be nice to find some comps.

  3. Do you know if the 2 night Bellagio comp award is still available? I only see the one night reward for 100K points. Looking for that 2 night reward. I think in a past video you may have said it might appear only after you spend about $30 on coins? I've spent around $15 so far so not sure if I just haven't spent enough for it to appear or if they just aren't offering that anymore. Also, only a few hotels offer comp nights on Fri and Sat (Mirage, MGM Grand, MGM Park I think). What is the best place to stay in your opinion for the ones that offer Fri/Sat comps? I've stayed at MGM grand forever ago I don't remember it being anything spectacular but that was at least 10 years ago… never been at Mirage or Park.

  4. Question for anyone playing the myvegas games for points.. Getting close to having enough points to redeem the 3 nights at the mirage deal… If you redeem that deal do they give you the worst room in the place? Or is it a decent room? And can you use cash to upgrade? Anyone know?

  5. Do you buy chips or stick to only the ones given by the game? I’ve bought a few times and glad I have but curious


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