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From hate tattoos to tramp stamps, there are plenty of tattoos out there needing to be covered up. Given the challenge of covering up one tattoo with another, we’re highlighting some of the best cover-ups in Ink Master history. Which is the best? New episodes every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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  1. Good for the guy that had his swastika covered up, but for a guy totally under average looks-wise like him at one point to have the audacity to look down on other people because of their appearance just shows how stupid and baseless racism is.

  2. 5:27 wait hang on? She wants to cover up a tattoo that says “RIP DAD”? I really wanna know the reasoning behind that but don’t wanna seem nosey

  3. That owl is dope. Can’t say the same about turtle ass. I mean it’d probably be fine on a back but on the girl’s ass nope

  4. That’s sad. I can only name a handful of African American tattoo artists in my area, I never realized it.

  5. on 2:20 he said he wanted to do a 360…does he know that when you do a 360 you end up in the same spot where you began? I get what he was trying to say but I thought it was funny. (He meant to say a 180)

  6. Who the fuck says “ because of the color of your skin, you can’t color skin”? The fuck?! Did this dude apprentice in Utah?

  7. I like the show but I hate the over exaggerated reactions of the artists and everything trying to be as dramatic as possible.

  8. Bad decisions when you are young can be haunting now. Regardless of your stupidity, kudos for finally realizing you were wrong so many years ago.


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