COOL & FUNNY POKEMON GIJINKAS (Pokemon turned into humans)


Because we all wonder what Pokemon would look like if they were human…

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  1. Can someone make a gijinka vertion of the collusion carrier Kapisis and one of each of the units in her fleet?
    Please? I cannot draw

  2. Seeing leafeon is cool it reminds me how I used it in my first play thorgh sword and shield, that thing was insane just bringing the pain with razorleaf

  3. I see gijinka sylveon and I think "hello Astolfo," which is either more funny or less funny when you realize sylveon are mostly male.

  4. Galade and Gardevor in the gijinka form looks like Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online 。(Galade : STAR BURST STREAM !!!)

  5. Diglets a miner
    Dugtrio three miner with there arms are around each other

    Metapod and kakuna a swordless nights

  6. The artstyle of kirlia on 9:44 reminds me of a certain artist who draws hentai i think the name of the artist is called nisemididoronokai.


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