Describe Your Character and Personality in English


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Learn to speak about your character and personality, a lot of useful words, mostly adjectives. The words and phrases are given in opposition, for example: hardworking – lazy, intelligent – unintelligent, and they go together with groups of synonyms.
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👨‍🎓Level: Intermediate (B1+)

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  1. Thanks a million, I'm an English teacher and I really found them useful. Busy writing them down nowwwwww….😋😋😋🙏👍❤

  2. Thank you for diffirentiating between what is negative and positive (like bossy is negative and humble is positive). good job)
    nowadays it may be a problem to have this Christian ideas

  3. ### 1. Nice and friendly to other people 다른 사람에게 상냥하고 친절한

    ### 2. Love communicating with people 사람들과 대화하기를 좋아하는

    ### 3. Relaxed in attitude or manner 태도나 행동양식

    ### 4. Think about others' feelings 다른 사람의 감정을 생각하기

    ### 5. Tell the truth 진실을 말하기

    ### 6. Open to new ideas and different views 새롭거나 다른 시각에 대해 열린 마음

    ### 7. Know what you want and intend to reach your goals 원하는 것을 알고 목표를 지향하기

    ### 8. Love working and work a lot 일하기를 좋아하고 일을 많이 하는

    ### 9. Learn and understand quickly, rational 빠르게 학습하거나 이해하고 합리적인

    ### 10. Care for other people, altruistic 남을 생각하는, 이타적인

    ### 11. People trust you 사람들이 신뢰하는

    ### 12. Like spending money 돈을 쓰기 좋아하는

    ### 13. Attitude to others 남에대한 태도

    ### 14. Sensitive / Sensible 민감한, 합리적인

    ### 15. Nouns to describe character 성격을 묘사하는 명사

  4. I'm high school student and I'm very going crazy now as my English teacher assigned me to copy the all words in this video. shit

  5. Describe Your Character and Personality in English

    01. Nice and Friendly to other People

    a) Warm a) Cold

    b) Kind b) Unkind

    c) Pleasant c) Unpleasant

    d) Sweet d) Horrible

    e) Good-Natured e) Unfriendly

    02. Love Communicating with People

    a) Extravert a) Introvert

    b) Sociable b) Quiet

    c) OutGoing c) Reserved

    d) Talkative d) Shy

    e) Communicative e) Taciturn

    03. Relaxed in Attitude or Manner

    a) Positive a) Gloomy

    b) Optimistic b) Pessimistic

    c) Cheerful c) Negative

    d) Easy-Going d) Miserable

    e) Laid-Back e) Tense

    04. Think about others feelings

    a) Sensitive a) Insensitive

    b) Tactful b) Tactless

    c) Thoughtful c) Heartless

    d) Delicate d) Cruel

    e) Caring e) Cold-Hearted

    05. Tell the truth

    a) Honest a) Dishonest

    b) Truthful b) Liar

    c) Sincere c) Insincere

    d) Frank d) Deceitful

    06. Open to new ideas and different views

    a) Open-Minded a) Narrow-Minded

    b) Unbaised b) Biased

    c) Flexible c) Bigoted

    d) Tolerant d) Intolerant

    07. Know what you want and intend to reach your goals

    a) Determinted a) Undetermined

    b) Strong – Willed b) Weak – Willed

    c) Strong – Minded c) Indecisive

    d) Resolute d) Irresolute

    e) Confident e) Unsure

    08. Love working and work a lot

    a) Hardworking a) Lazy

    b) Industrious b) Idle

    c) Diligent c) Sluggish

    d) Ambitious d) Unambitious

    09. Learn and Understand Quickly, Rational

    a) Intelligent a) UnIntelligent

    b) Clever b) Stupid

    c) Bright c) Foolish

    d) Smart d) Silly

    10. Care for Other People, Altruistic

    a) Unselfish a) Selfish

    b) Considerate b) Self-Centred

    c) Noble c) Vain

    11. People Trust You

    a) Reliable a) UnReliable

    b) TrustWorthy b) UnTrustWorthy

    c) Loyal c) disloyal

    d) Faithful d) UnFaithFul

    12. Like Spending Money

    a) Generous a) Economical

    b) Extravagant b) Mean

    13. Attritude to Others

    a) Respectful a) DisRespectFul

    b) Modest b) Arrogant

    c) Humble c) Bossy

    14. Sensitive vs Sensible

    a) Tactful a) Reasonable

    b) Responsive b) Practical

    15. Nouns to describe Character

    a) Coward c) Gossip

    b) Liar d) Couch Potato

  6. What is my personalitie and my chericter
    1 Simple
    2 I have the biggest in prittyest smile😁
    3 creative
    4 Confedent
    5 Different
    6 spiritual in concerts
    7 happy
    8 fun
    9 smart
    10 bold
    11 bright
    12 intelligence
    13 mutor
    14 funny

  7. Thanks for the vid, but is an introvert really a negative personality type? I've known some very nice and equally unpleasant individuals on both sides.


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