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Do You Remember This Game? | Stuntman Ignition | SLAPTrain

SLAP Train


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  1. 7:06 omg when i was a kid it was so hard and when i died the game would say everything will be ok i was so happy 😂

  2. I really should dust off the old PS2 and fire this game back up. It used to piss me off as a youngster and I never beat it…

  3. I got the game on my ps3 and it good but the graphs is not good but not bad it did look like it was from beta but it is still good I like it and it a good game

  4. This was a cool game they really should think about bringing it back with DLC we can get more movies and cars to drive and make our own stunt sets to test other people these games will become the new classics

  5. Epic game I used to love it as a kid. I was word rank number one in one of the courses and 3rd in another
    Spent so many hours on it lol 😂

  6. Does it piss anyone else off how hes so unaware of everything the games telling him "how was that not 4 stars?" If you were listening like 3 minutes ago you wouldve known you have to string it all toegether… Or when he fails a stunt and says "ooo I got it" fucking painful to watch honestly

  7. I liked the OG Stuntman way better but this game was also really awesome. I loved using the night bike.

  8. Looking back this wasn't a bad game, but it was a HUGE letdown at the time. It felt very cartoonish and arcade-ish ish compared to the original Stuntman. Reflections/Atari did something really special with that first game and I felt like it really lost it's soul and overall feeling with ignition.

  9. looks nice but also hard and annoying like those car crashing games (creators of dangerous driving and burnout)

  10. I dont even remember how I 5 star every scene but it took me 3 years tho to do it I used to hate the discount batman scenes and the special scenes that if you had one mistake, you failed or did not get 5 stars


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