Exploration of FreeArcade.com


Well, not really an exploration, per se. Mostly this was out of boredom—I had nothing I felt like doing on a particular Thursday evening but playing arcade games on my computer. I’m awesome like that. XD
FreeArcade.com is a symbol of my childhood, mostly due to me not having videogames until about age 13, so I had to seek out something else. XD I just went on it today after years of being on it last…ah, it brings back memories. Nibblet, Nobby Nuss and Vertigo were all games I was obsessed with at that age…Chick Flick is actually a newer one me and my sister got hooked on a year or so ago during Winter Break when we…well, had nothing to do, of course! ^^;
Unfortunately, there’s a lot of games I would’ve liked to show, like Wicky Woo, Wiz3, Rollin’ and Super Kid. Only, 10 minutes is the limit here, so I’ll let you go on and explore those on your own. 😀
Anyway, I’m not sure this will get many views or comments but feel free to do so if you want…surprise me. 😉
Oh yeah…and I don’t own FreeArcade. If I did, I probably wouldn’t be bored enough to make a video about it. Oh yeah, and “Gotta Have My Dots” isn’t really a registered trademark…just thought I’d let ya’ll know so I wouldn’t get sued or anything. O__o;
So with that in mind…well, enjoy, and give your hand at some of the amazing games at FreeArcade.com! Definitely worth your time…I think. XD

Nguồn: https://buffaloqtl.org/

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  1. ZOMG, Wiz3 is major pwn! 😀
    Unfortunately, I think I have to get better at that too before I make a walkthrough…hey, I should get really good at ALL these games and post walkthroughs for them! X3

  2. Yeah that would be pretty killer.
    I'd love to make a walkthrough, only I've never actually finished the game myself, so I'd have to work on completing that goal first. X'D

  3. I WISH SOMEONE WOULD POST A NIBBLET LEVEL WALKTHROUGH!!! i wanna see all the levels done, such a hard game!!! and yes it does have a rather catchy theme


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