Flappy Fish


The most addictive Flappy Fish game yet has finally arrived. Guide Flappy The Fish through the perilous coral reef by simply tapping to keep his little fins flapping downward.
Deep sea victory will soon be yours, but be careful – those nasty corals won’t do you any good!
• Easy to play
• Perfect for all ages
• Challenging and addictive
• Cool, colourful and relaxing! No rage quitting here!
• Awesome graphics
*** Easy to Master, Hard to put down ***
Tired of pulling your hair out with other flappy tapper games? Give them the flappy bird! Flappy The Fish starts you off nice and easy before really putting your tapping skills to the test, making it ideal for kids and fledgling gamers. Plus, its cool Caribbean soundtrack and cute, colourful vibe is enough to make you want to join Flappy for a quick swim yourself. Just remember to keep your smartphone on dry land…

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