G Pen Vaporizer Tutorial


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The G Pen vaporizer is the first pen style oil vaporizer that entered the market. While many have entered the market ever since, it is this unit that has managed to keep the edge when it comes to functionality. If does what it is supposed to do relatively well and there is more accessories for the G Pen since the manufacture has had more time to develop the product line. In this video I will take you through what is inside the package and how the unit works. This how it works video is detailed and should answer most of your questions. If there is anything left unanswered feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Hey @killabud30 no most vapes emit very little odour, but please keep in mind all pen-style #vaporizers  are for wax or oils only! Do not use them with dry botanicals because you will simply be burning everything, not vaporizing. These pens are not meant for dry botanicals!

  2. Where do you put the oil?  on top of the coil or on the sides?  I have a GPen Jesus Piece and I don't have the wicks on the side of the chamber.

  3. hi im from toronto also I'm interested in buying a pen and im just wondering so for the dry botanicals does it smell or is it discrete?

  4. We are in Toronto too! 🙂 If you'd prefer to pick up your vape instead of have it shipped to you, you just need to call our office at 647.858.8273 x.2010 to schedule an appointment time. We are open Monday to Friday 11AM to 7PM :).

  5. No problem :). Now you are right that there are many pen brands that claim to "vaporize" dry botanicals, but end up just burning everything. Unfortunately, there just isn't a pen vape on the market yet that can vaporize dry botanicals. So, the G Pen is a vaporizer, but only for oils, not dry botanicals. If you're looking to vaporize just dry botanicals and like the look of the pen style, I'd recommend looking at Pinnacle vaporizer on our website. It looks like a sharpie marker so super discreet!

  6. Ive seen pens that are supossed to vaporize botanical/plant solids but they actually end up burning/combusting the plant solids and you get ashes left in the pen. Does G Pen truly vaporize the botanical solids or does it burn? I want to buy a pen to vape botanical but I dont want to if its just burning the plant and not truly vaping it. Thanks for the video man!

  7. Important question: Can this be used for dry herb? I know it's designed for oil/wax but if i tried it with dry herb will that mess up the g pen? Please reply back!

  8. Luckily the glass tank comes with 2 pieces of glass. I broke the first one the first time I tried removing it by squeezing while pulling, too hard. Now I just leave the casing on and remove the mouth piece every time I load it. Much easier all around.

  9. We'd recommend using the G Pen one, as they're compatible with your tank. If you'd like to mix and match, this would be at your own risk and of course keep in mind that it may cause your unit to wear down faster.

  10. I just bought this G-Pen and I was wondering if I'm able to use other companies clearomizers with the G-Pen battery or if I'm just stuck with the normal one.

  11. Great to hear it was useful! With regards to your question, that is exactly right, just make sure your oil is depleted first. You will find with the G Tanks that after a few months of use (of course depending on how often your vaporizing), the tanks will need to be tossed and replaced. A new standard G Tank only costs $19.99 though! It's kind of like contacts, you want to keep your vapour nice and fresh with a new tank!

  12. This video was the best one I found for this topic!

    I wonder if you can help with one question for me? I want to quit smoking cigarettes by using this G-Pen with oils. But I also would like to be able to use it for some medical wax now and then. Other than making sure the oil is depleted would you recommend anything else before I put a dab of wax on the heating element?

  13. thanks for the feedback :).

    The gpen does not work with dry botanicals. There is currently no pen style vaporizer for dry botanicals. Units that claim they are pen style vapes are all electronic pipes, not vaporizers. So unfortunately the added benefits of using vaporizers is not there when using pen style electronic pipes.


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