Gamer Slang: Real or Fake? with Markiplier


Find out which gamer slang terms are real and which are fake with Markiplier!

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Gamer Slang: Real or Fake? with Markiplier- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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  1. I thought RP Jesus is the god you pray too whenever you need to make a low chance roll in a video game. If you want that transmog thats .02% drop rate you pray the whole time boyo.

  2. Leeroy jenkins: (adj) when you go into a dungeon and round up everything in there. Most often followed by a AOE spell, used to kill all surrounding enemies

  3. Isn't rubberbanding when ai characters catch up with you much faster than they should. Like in racing games

  4. Ganking is where you and your buddies kill one person as a group, giving said person no chance of winning that fight

  5. Of course, rubberbanding also means when the AI in a racing game are programmed to always try and stay with you, even if that means breaking some rules of the game. Like getting slingshotted from a rubber band.

  6. Ganked is when you're alone and a group / gang comes up and shanks you hence GANKED.

    Mostly in game but cna happen IRL

  7. Fun fact, the infamous Leeroy Jenkins video was staged for a laugh as a way to promote the clan Leeroy and his friends belonged to.


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