High Stakes "Guts" Poker between Father & Son… Robert Duvall, Erica Bana [LUCKY YOU]


In “Two-Card Guts”, each player is dealt down, two hole-cards, at the beginning of a new deal. Two Card Poker rankings apply; Pairs are ranked over high cards; however there are no ‘straights’ or ‘flushes’ in two card guts (or two card poker).

All players have a chance to say ‘in’ or ‘out’ at the same time by holding out one or two fingers, or holding a chip or nothing in their hands; those who are ‘in’ have a showdown.

Each round starts with an ante. The players then play a series of deals; after each one, the winner takes the existing pot and the losers match it, so that the pot or some multiple of it carries over to the next deal.

For example, if the pot is $5 and three people stay in, then one player will receive the $5 pot and two players will be forced to add $5 each to the next pot, escalating the size of the pot for the next deal. Then the hand is re-dealt, and all players (even those who were “out” in the last round) can participate again. The round ends when only a single player has the guts to stay “in”, and thus the pot is taken without replenishment.

One of the characteristics of guts is that the pot grows quickly. As it can double or more each round, pots of 50 or 100 times the original ante are possible.

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  1. "You play cards the way you should live your life and you live your life the way you should play cards" – Deep!


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