How to install and configure SimpleTV



This tutorial will guide you through downloading, installing, configuring and enjoying PLST’s SimpleTV

Browse to (Link is down, updated to

Select the ‘Useful stuff’ tab and download SimpleTV

Choose the latest build (mostly with the latest VLC base, 221 at this point).

Go back to plstonline and download the latest playlist at the ‘News’ tab.

Extract SimpleTV to a desired location, this could be on a file server, expect some delay though.

Extract the playlist to SimpleTV’s root folder.

Replace all files when prompted.

This was the download section.

Launch the tv.exe file, a security window might appear, you can trust the file.

As you can see, the playlist is empty.
You can close and reopen the playlist by pressing ‘C’

To add station, you’ll have to choose a playlist.
The hotkey is ‘Ctrl+Shift+X’

The Hasbacha playlist requires you to donate, you could donate at at the ‘donate’ tab.

Select a playlist, depending on your region.
I’ve chosen YooLive, it contains most Arabic channels.

Search for a channel using the filter and double click, you could also add the channel to your favorites by clicking the star at the top left.

Some users like to enjoy Picture in Picture to quickly switch between channels, SimpleTV allows 6 streams at a time. The hotkey is ‘Ctrl+P’.

Right click on each box to select a channel.

There is a bug which vanishes PiP when switching from windowed mode to full screen and back, use the hotkey to restore the streams.

As you can see, some channels don’t appear to play.
The servers could be offline or the stream is taken down.

I hope this tutorial has helped you setting up SimpleTV.

As a last show, i’ll add the Key for the Hasbacha channel and show you how it works.

Close the program and copy the key (which you’ve received after donating) to the user directory.

There it is.

If you’re running into trouble, leave a comment.


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  1. How do you change the position of the PiP window? I cant move it to another position. Its stuck in the upper left.

  2. Searched half hour for tutorial (i could not find any at ), to open the manually added tv-list addon from that site you had go to menu item "Extra" and select "TV playlists" (item at the most bottom, it may read something in russian at first?) or the hotkey combination Ctrl+Shift+x

  3. Hi Can you help please. When I want to upload a new playlist to the player, I keep getting 'Error While Cleaning Temp'. I've ran ccleaner etc but I can't get the error to go away. Any suggestions please?
    Also is there a FB page or anything where people can go to to ask questions and look for help?

  4. Nice video, it is worth to say that the development is not standing still, so always update scripts and tv.exe to the latest build. More news can be found on

  5. I have tried to download both files of simpleTV and the playlist but the download appears like a blank page so I can not Extract them or run them or non of the following steps


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