How to OVERLAY yourself over GAMEPLAY


Learn how to create impactful Fortnite gaming video using video overlays (picture-in-picture), green screen and animation alongside your gameplay. We’re taking a look at some of the techniques most commonly used in gaming videos and how they can easily be done using HitFilm Express, our FREE editing software.

This is episode 3 of Game On; our series showing you how to start a successful gaming channel on YouTube.

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  1. Such awesome videos guys! This series is so necessary and informative, fantastic execution as well! 😁😁😁

  2. For those of you without a computer or don’t want to edit like this, check out my latest video. Only thing I can’t do is green screen and I don’t have full range of PIP but I can do 3 PIP sizes and all 4 corners for a total of 12 PIP options. I capture 1080/60fps to a Micro SD card, PIP and good audio. No editing, no headphones and no computer involved either. I could do green screen but that means editing the videos etc, that’s something I don’t want to do nor have a lot of time for. My method does PIP live fed into the capture but without a computer at all.

    Hey buddy , can we do freesize video cut like I am sitting on my chair wait let me show you this is famous gaming youtuber Mythpat 's video wherein he does his face in video
    Herein, his face editing

  4. But not during life right?.. both videos are already recorded.. How to record gameplay n player together while live streaming? You got what i mean right?. @fxhome

  5. Thank you so much. This was really helpful.

    By the way I have a doubt, is all of this editing you just did done on the free version of hitfilm?

  6. When you record your game-play, how can you record your face-cam footage while recording your audio and your game-play simultaneously?

  7. I bought the Express version for 39 Dollars…I am really happy with it. And the tutorials are on point 😀 My starter use of it is creating a complete Online-Course in quantitative methods…easy way to edit my recordings of OBS Studio…I learnt about audacity also while watching a video of you…and I can include some greenscreen effects and sound effects and many others things to pimp up the videos so that they don't get toooo boring 😉

  8. can we reduce opacity of a green screen so both the video and green screen video run together and it looks good and one more question can you make a tutorial on how to zoom in on a certain frame and add sound effect to that frame.I want to make meme videos i want to zoom in on a certain frame and add the record scratch sound effect

  9. The video is slightly misleading.
    You can't use those zoom effects whilst streaming by the mere fact you are editing it after is HitFilm
    On the previous video you did not mention sync your voice with the game play.
    You made this video for the 5 m marker in YouTube instead of truly teaching the concept of syncing.
    Plus your video is old because the propaganda offer not valid anymore.

  10. You know what's kind of crazy to think about?

    Large tech YouTube channels like LinusTechTips have such a big catalogue of videos that to keep personal backups of all their videos they (Linus specifically) use a giant storage server with a Petabyte of data…

    How in the damn hell do YouTube video servers work anyway? And how much space does all of YouTube's video storage take up? O .o

  11. Hello FXhome. I was just wondering if there is this function that selects everything after/before the playhead. A lot time i have to move large portions of clips, and i sometimes forget some, so i was just wondering if there is a function that selects everything before or after the playhead

  12. Oh wow.. Does the new HitFilm allow keying on the editor? I'm using HitFilm Pro 2017 and haven't updated since.


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