How To Play Clue – Super Simple For Beginners and First Time Players – Board Game and App!


How To Play Clue – Super Simple For Beginners and First Time Players – Board Game and App! We have all Candy Crush Saga levels. Check out the entire series here. We post Candy crush saga levels with no boosters and 3 stars. If we used a booster, please check back because we will repost a Candy crush saga no booster level soon.

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  1. Dude. THANK YOU for doing this! Very generous & selfless to take the time & help noobs.

    I have the app (which is GORGEOUS) and hadn’t played since I’z a kid. It was the 📝 section in the app which confused me. So, again, hats off TO ya, good sir 🙏👏👏👍✌️

  2. Cool, but I play the Boardgame, so Question, when making a suggestion, do you place the character token in the room with you as well as the weapon token,?

  3. I have this in board game for Instructions not clear and the clue part Is Hard makes no sense also i am plating it as a two player very hard.
    thats why i looked this up

  4. With the mobile app, can only I play the game?… Or do I need to install the the app for each person in my household, even if sitting at the same table? Or is it only online play? I don't get it. No clarity in the app store description.

  5. You make a Suggestion first, Accusation last else once youve figured out who the murderer is where and with what else youll be ousted out the game if you get it wrong, just needed to point that out, i really just want to know what the clue cards are about that are included in the new board game with Orchid in shes alright but i still prefer Mrs. White

  6. What happens when someone has more than one card in their hand that they could show? For example if you made an accusation and I had two of those cards would I show you just one or both?

  7. Thanks! I use to play as a kid , but I haven't played since the late 90s. I was definitely confused. This was helpful

  8. 18:17 I don't think it's some kind of strategy but she just got such a low number, but it's still a nice strategy

  9. When dr orchid suggested mrs peacock with the rope in the ballroom you didnt show her the mrs peacock card you had

  10. When your asking The Who what and where can you get more than one card shown each turn if multiple players have your cards in other words if I say mustard dagger hall and 1 player has hall and the other dagger in that one turn do I get to know that

  11. Daaaamn, thank you for this video! It REALLY HELPED! ♡ I knew the basics but I didn't understand how to use the sheet

  12. Nice tutorial. Have always loved Clue. Bought the app but disappointed that it's only Single Player Vs. AI Players. Was wanting to play my BFF. Oh well still well done app and fun even though it's $3.99 not free.


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