Jupiter Creek: A Game For Losers! Trailer


Jupiter Creek follows Slater, a high-school delinquent sent to live with a foster family for their final year of high school. At Saturn High they’ll meet strange and surreal characters: Wise-cracking skeletons, kawaii snails and giant orc women.

In Jupiter Creek you can pursue either romance or friendship with 6 characters. Along with a story that’s half sitcom and half existential crisis simulator. To succeed in Jupiter Creek, you must help others with their depression and receive help in turn.

Featuring 30+ songs, deep characters, wacky scenarios and more. Check out the game’s kickstarter here and try the demo / help the project!:

Nguồn: https://buffaloqtl.org/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://buffaloqtl.org/game/


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