LeBron James' buzzer-beater tops his highlights from Game 3 win over Raptors | ESPN


LeBron James came up big for the Cleveland Cavaliers in their Game 3 win over the Toronto Raptors, scoring 38 points and a buzzer-beater to win the game.

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  1. People always talking about how many finals lebron has lost.THATS BECAUSE HE CAN GET A SORRY ASS TEAM TO THE FINALS BY HIMSELF !!! Been watching basketball over half a century and have never seen a better player than lebron.Its that simple.Hes lost more finals SIMPLY BECAUSE he can get a team to the finals that has no business being there.he left cleveland-they sucked.He left miami-they sucked.He left cleveland-they sucked.Micheal didnt even make a finals till he had 4 or 5 all stars around him.scored 63 or 65 and still loss.please.lebron is the goat.who were the cleveland starters in their first final.ilgauskes.gooden.who was the point guard?boobie gibson?

  2. Lebron is the GOAT of this era and it is amazing to watch him play – I was born in the 90's so didn't get to experience MJ in his prime, I guess this is the second best thing?
    Still, greatness is greatness.

  3. Dude is doing this at 33 with his 3rd team of the year. Haters sit down and suck on your Jordan crying bottles. Boo hoo. Someone is better. Stop making excuses.

    Best ever is Kareem
    Then LBJ
    Then crybaby Jordan

    No Curry
    No KD
    In top 50

    Like it, hate it or otherwise.

    Stats and facts win every time.

  4. Put his ass in the West , probably wouldn’t make it past the first round. Garbage teams in the east. Don’t worry everyone will see in the finals , his 6th loss is coming .
    NBA has done a terrific job settling this dude up, 8 straight finals appearances , all 8 were no surprise to me , I called all 8 in the beginning of each season because there’s never a team in the east that can match lebrons , wade and bosh team or his kyrie and love team,, this year he’s doing it , I give him that, BUT, this is the weakest East I’ve seen ever

  5. LBJ was absolutely right about not trying this (buzzer beater) at home…. unfortunately, I did, in the living room…. a priceless Velociraptor statue fell from the shelf and shattered into a thousand pieces…. I had my butler, Mr. Lowry, clean up the mess 🙂

  6. One Of The Best Raptors Fan Reactions Ever On Live TV News After Game 3!

  7. Don't celebrate too much, Cavs because the Raptors swept the Blazers. You're about to sweep the Raptors and the Celtics look pretty good in the next round. Be humble.

  8. For all the Lebron haters, all the great ones had their moment to shine as "arguably the best player of all time"…From Mike, Magic, Wilt, Kareem, Shaq, Kobe, etc…LeBron is now living in his…I'm not a LeBron fan, but as a basketball fan I respect his game and accomplishments nonetheless, Imo MJ is the G.O.A.T, but if LeBron breaks Kareem's scoring record, then it will be hard to argue that he is not the greatest, especially considering that he was annoited "The King" back in HS and was able to exceed those expectations

  9. Lebron plays in the weak east, he will never be as clutch as Kobe. Kobe dropped 81 on the baby dinosaurs


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