Let's Play Great Personality : Guardians – dating sim Part 1


Let’s Play Great Personality : Guardians – dating sim
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You are a new resident in a city with ambiance-filled spaces and exceptional people. As your life in this new space unfolds, you find that your actions shape your reality and your relationships…
The Great Personality Games are designed to be a different kind of dating sim, where you can get to know the characters and find out a little bit more about why you’re attracted to them. The game was built with the idea that attraction is deeper than good looks and a sense of humor. There are 32 diverse characters in the Great Personality game that inhabit the world — where you can play as any gender, date any person, and explore what it’s like to get to know (and fall in love) with people with a wide array of backgrounds, abilities, and personalities. 
Guardians is the first of four games in the series, featuring characters based on a segment of the Myers Briggs personality types that make up 40 – 45% of society. They’re the hardworking, diligent individuals that make up the majority of the world we inhabit (inside and out of the game).

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  1. Just binge watching your playlists this fine afternoon.

    3:29 – Paul, you queried a word here.

    You Brit friend… slight error with language skillz…

    "cue" is not used here for a line one stands in to be served, it should be "queue" (same as USA). The game was in error using cue, as was your buddy – sorry :).


  2. is the ghost table an eligible bachelor? I am playing this in the background while packing boxes and I love it! I love both of your voices and agree with Hank hill!


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