NADA! Dice Game Review


This, believe it or not, is my very first Blue Orange game review (and I have only played one other Blue Orange game prior to this – Pengoloo, which I purchased for my daughter on a whim – great little memory game by the way) and I am very excited to be discovering this new-to-me game publisher. Doodle Quest is one game from Blue Orange Games that is getting a lot of attention and I haven’t had the chance to play yet. Any way, back to NADA!

NADA is a fantastic little dice game. The object of the game is to roll dice and then at a quick glance be able to identify a match (a picture on an orange die matching the same picture on the white die). The first player to shout out a correct match gets to claim all of the dice with that symbol. If there are no matches, be the first player to shout NADA! and you get ALL of the currently rolled dice. The game is so simple, but if you like games such as SET, Tenzi, or if you are just looking for a nice little family dice game, I think you will really enjoy NADA! The game comes with a few different ways to play that are fun, or you can make up your own as well. The quality of dice is great, and the game is very portable as it comes with a nice mesh travel bag. The game consists of 36 dice with 12 different symbols. This is such a great little game and that is How Lou Sees It!

(I was provided a free review copy of this game from Blue Orange Games. I will be reviewing Longhorn from Blue Orange Games very soon as well. If you liked this video review, please like and follow!)


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