Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Skin in the Game


Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb interviewed about his book Skin in the Game by author and journalist Katrine Marçal.
Taleb explains the concepts of Skin in the Game and Soul in the Game. He also talks about rationality and honour.
Taleb is not a fan of economists Paul Krugman, Richard Thaler and behavioral economics. In this interview he explains why.

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  1. Autotelic
    Soul in the game
    Do something for its sake and beyond its sake
    I get it.
    Dramaturgical is not Soul of the game
    Irvin Goffman
    No superficiality
    No shallowness

  2. This is THE best interview of Nassim Taleb by far, she asked questions from all over his works, not from some quotes or references from the internet, and I think she has actually read his books which itself is skin in the game for conducting the interview.

  3. Wonderful! Excellent conversation. If you enjoyed this, then sign up for the Taleb's Real World Risk seminar in New York. 😉

  4. Valuation by heuristic interpretation seems to be tricky business. Situational context seems critical to understanding application.

    RUSH – Anthem

  5. Blah, blah… 1) Clean food (veganism), 2) Clean energy (EVs, solar, etc.), 3) Clean currency (Bitcoin).
    There's your skin in the game. Do all three… Don't look for excuses… Take the risk!
    (Yeah, HUGE risk, huh? I'm 30-years vegan, so that takes away some of your risk…)

  6. If you’re good at what you do you can dress and look how you want, you don’t need to compensate by looking “professional”


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