Pavlov’s Dog & Classical Conditioning


Classical conditioning is a mental manipulation to reprogram natural body functions. It is a way of learning where a stimulus that triggers a biological response is paired with a new stimulus that then results in the same reaction.

Script: Jonas Koblin
Artist: Pascal Gaggelli
Voice: Matt Abbott
Recording: Notienatsu
Editing: Oran Charoenlap
Creative Director: Selina Bador
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  1. Is there anybody here feels that some authorities out there use this pandemic to condition us to unecessary subjections?

  2. This is also known as horizontal generalization or deduction in the rawest form. It's making connections between seemingly arbitrary things due to statistical observation and not doing any induction (vertical generalization) to make sure they actually connect at a certain root. It's actually a reason why a lot of philosophies fall apart, because they are failing epistemologically by not applying a two dimensional analysis. Even a small miss in that respect can have very big changes and why so many philosophies differ to one another. There is no problem doing things automatically under Pavlovian conditioning. But if you are ever to make a definitive statement, make sure you have done deduction and induction. I promise you, you will learn a lot by restraining oneself. It makes you a lot more open minded :]
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  3. Ошибка только в том, что он не звук метронома использовал в опыте, а загорающуюся лампочку. Собака на неё как раз реагировала. Знает каждый школьник.

  4. Firstly. Thank u for this video
    Secondly. Can u explain scientific subjects more? And especially neurology? In the next video?


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