Skyrim in Real Life (All Episodes) by JinnKid


The official entire full season of JinnKid’s viral TikTok series “Skyrim in Real Life.”

Hello, and thank you for checking out my video! If you are new to my channel, I go by JinnKid. I am a comedian, gamer, and a voice impressionist who loves to use my different voices to create an enjoyable video watching experience.

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Music by: Jeremy Soule (in fair use)

Skyrim is a video game and the fifth installment of the Elder Scroll series created by Bethesda Games Studios.

My videos are a parody in respect to the game and are all owned and created by JinnKid. Any other licenses previously granted for distribution of these videos in part or as a whole are no longer permitted, nor will be they be granted.

These videos are classified as parodies and therefore fall under the category of Fair Use. Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107

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  1. Thank you to all who have enjoyed my Skyrim IRL series! Please take a moment to subscribe so that you can stay up to date on my newer episodes! Also, I would love to have you follow me on Instagram at Cheers!

  2. If I was waking down the white hallways of my workplace and saw in a side path someone doing this like on the first clip, I’d pissss myself laughing. So funny and so accurate

  3. 9:09
    This used to happens to me a lot, until I begin to just… shout FUS in their face, until they get out of my way (or just skip time until they respawn and begone, of course, but the other way is better)

  4. First I laughed even before playing Skyrim because I knew it will really be like this. Then I played and laughed even harder.

  5. I literally love Skyrim it’s so cool and I’m even married and I have two kids! and I literally always ask Sofia to sing for me lol

  6. i will admit, i’ve never played skyrim, but this is funny as shit. this is the funniest thing i’ve seen all day.


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