Slovenian People Guess Chicago Slang ft. Donterio Hundon | /Slanguage/


In Ep. 11 of /Slanguage/, influencer Donterio Hundon, tests how much Slovenian folk know about Chicago slang. #Slanguage

Slanguage is a game show where people are put to the test to see if they can translate slang words.

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Starring: Donterio Hundon, Eva Jurko, Timotej Vrabl
Producer: Denzel Lee
Director: Denzel Lee
Director of Photography: Adam Bial
Camera Operator: Alex Valencia
Sound Mixer: Cameron Selan
Production Assistant: Matt Tracht
Post Supervisor: Trish Pelefoti
Editor: Zack Witt


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  1. I see there's a bunch of black Chicagoans here. I'm from Detroit, but tell me if I got this right, "Shawty ass I rode wit last night got ta tweakin' at da lil fe fe out West. Got into it girly ass, woo out da bam, dey got it crackin' in that mufucka, on me! I had to get out that jam, so I asked Lord lemme hol' a finn, I'm finna hop onna L. His ass got flodgin' talm'bout Folks 'nem stained his goof ass at da dice game. G, I had to wawk aww da way from Madison and Pulaski, to Cicero and 47th lookin' goofy as hell, on my mama. I'm bout blew as hell, Joe." 🤣

    P.S. I know the L doesn't go from Madison and Pulaski to Cicero and 47th.


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