SmartSHOW 3D from A to Z – Master the Art of Animated Slideshow!


Become a pro in creating video slideshows with SmartSHOW 3D! Try it for free:

This video guide will show you everything you should know about making slideshows: how to add video clips and GIFs, use the 3D camera, create animations with multiple layers, apply highlights and textures and much more!

Here is what you will learn:

– Getting Started 0:45
– Slide Editor 3:05
– Animation Basics 4:50
– Animation with Multiple Layers 5:55
– 3D Camera 7:30
– Video Animation 9:00
– GIF Animation 10:20
– Realistic Slide Effects: Rain, Snow, Leaves 11:05
– Highlights and Textures 11:40
– Photo Filters 12:40
– Adding Text 14:30
– Ready-Made Animations 16:35
– Applying Transitions 17:30
– Music and Voice Comments 18:30
– Saving Your Project and Creating a Video 19:20

Download SmartSHOW 3D and dive into the world of video slideshow right now!

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  1. I wanted download and added the background videos but it’s asking me password . Where I can have that ? I have the delux version

  2. how can i save the video i made so that i can pass it on in whatsapp to my friends? Please i really need an answered. I bought it for that reason but it seems i cant save it on that type. thanks.
    I bought the standard and now theres are deluxe and Gold ???? Please be clear with the answer. thanks.

  3. Bonjour, je regrette deux choses avec ce logiciel, ( je suis en période d'essai ) il manque une ou deux piste supplémentaire son, pas de spectre de la piste son, pas de recule pour voir l'animation en dehors du champ.
    par contre utilisation très intuitive c'est bon point pour les débutants. la faciliter de création des transitions un bon point.

  4. What if the picture is moving, how do I get the text to stay on the picture? Or have the text move with the picture?


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