Snaps is the Name of the Game – The Name of the Game is…


Jane’s got the clues
but Jim is confused.
They’re playing the game
that goes by the name
of Snaps.

Snaps is a secret way of communicating that relies on your ability to decipher the hidden meaning behind snapping and coded phrases.

In the game you’ll have to pay careful attention to what is being said and snapped in order to guess the correct word(s). If you type in the right answer you’ll automatically proceed to the next question. If you can’t figure it out keep trying until the clock runs out or automatically skip to the next one.

But it only gets harder.

When you hear Snaps is Not the Name of the Game you’ll need to decipher the snaps and phrases to discover a clue for the word you’re supposed to guess. But you’ll need to type in the actual word (rather than the clue) to get it right. For example, if the clue is striped horse the correct answer for you to enter is zebra. Got it?

Finally, when you hear Snaps is the Game of the Name you’ll need to think about things the opposite of how you might usually do it. Remember, when you hear Snaps is the Game of the Name you should look back at your answers to make sure you’re doing it right.

Sometimes the correct answer is more than one word so don’t forget to leave a space between each word to get it right.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Snaps expert?

Here’s you chance to find out.

Have fun and remember —

Snaps is the Name of the Game and the Name of the Game is Snaps.


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  1. YESSSSS I FINALLY GET IT!!!!! After studying the video for like 5 minutes i figured it out. saw it on wet hot and have been confused the whole time


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