SoJiSub and ChoEunJung have announced their surprise marriage! [E-news Exclusive Ep 153]


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  1. NOTHING surprising about this lovely marriage. This was one of the most adorkable cutemeets ever. He is an intensely private man, thoughtful individual who does not take things lightly, spoke about and wrote about soul searching a lot. Seeing him look totally giddy at the interview made me cross my fingers. So very happy for both of them!

  2. I wish them all the best. However, I still worry a bit because of the huge age difference and the short dating period. I don't want to see SJS getting hurt and vice versa ofcourse. Everything in life or every decision you make has pros and cons. Age difference as well. You see the world differently in every decade of your life. Depends on how you resolve problems and maturity. Loving someone at your 20s can become different when you hit your 30s/40s. And if you don't take your time to really get to know somebody you might end up with surprises you rather wish you didn't. Nevertheless, Love you guys, be happy and stay healthy and save❤❤❤❤💞💕🥰.

  3. My parents had a 10 year age gap and were married for 38 years before my dad passed away. They were the happiest couple I ever knew. I have a friend whose parents were close in age but ended up divorcing when he was a young kid. Three of my closest friends married their high school sweethearts but all of them got divorced in less than 5 years. Age is only one factor, and not even the most important one to consider when weighing the strength of a relationship. Its really about compatibility of values and personalities more than anything.

  4. I'm just so happy, that finally he found someone who would take care and love him and for sure he would love and take care of her too… Yes… So happy for you oppa So Ji Sub….Best wishes… Kids soon ♥️😄🥰

  5. This is the video that broke and will continue to break my heart a million times over and over again 😭💔😭💔😭💔😭

  6. So why are we okay about this but flaming Heechul over Momo?? Btw Chul and Momo, it is just 13y. Btw Ji Sub and his lady love, it is 17y. Pls let us respect that each of them cannot help who they fall in love with and give them blessings. They don’t need our permission to have a relationship and to find the love of their lives, to settle down and have kids. I’m so so happy for Ji Sub & I hope some day Heechul & Momo will have good news to share too.

  7. I've noticed from his many interviews: when he is confused or doesn't want to answer, he is asking contradiction questions in return…Any way, that girl is nice, their kids will be nice too

  8. When the news of their marriage was first announced I smiled amd grinned fornlong minutes because I was really happy that one of my favourite actors has found love😊

  9. My parent's age gap is 17 years, they got married back in 1979. They have 5 kids and still live happily till this date. 🙂

  10. So happy for him he is my fav korean actor !!! Now waiting for gongyoo to find his soulmate n get his happily ever after too

  11. You can obviously see how nervous he was during the interview and he looks really smitten towards her. I don't blame him tho, the girl looks so fine and looks like a professional career woman.

  12. OMG ckak kuma la charrrzz😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣✌✌✌Congrats oppa So Ji-sub😘😘😘Goodspeed😇😇😇

  13. Congratulations on his marriage. After watching this my first thought was, what if this was a female actress marrying someone 17 yrs her junior? How many more negative comments would there be?

  14. I see no match at all b/w this two ,but is non of my business.I also want to ask ,is marriage a must in Korea, I mean must someone marry or go to jail,they have been bugging this actor like bug bunny for years now over marriage, I can't get it ,can't he at least have a choice of how and when he marries.

  15. Frankly I'm a little disappointed. It seems shallow on his part. He's my favorite Korean actor. Somehow I expected him to be with someone more mature.


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