Solitaire Perfect Match on Google play


Entirely new Solitaire Game available on Google play! Match cards to clear the decks, get valuable rewards, and compete with friends. No hurry, no rush.

You will receive:

● Smart and sometimes crafty ways to score
Show off your skills and score big! You can simply remove similar cards. But you can make color matches, suit matches, use boosters smartly and draw up Perfect Matches to be #1!

● Valuable achievements
You deserve them! Really valuable achievements bring you coins to purchase boosters that charge your game.

● Useful Boosters
Spend your coins on useful boosters to overcome those challenging levels and enhance your game experience.

● Original layouts and cards
Lots of unique layouts with nice hidden bonuses. Carefully hand-drawn original and classic card decks.

● Hours, days and even months of fun!
And that’s just the beginning! Stay tuned.


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  1. taaааkе а lооoоk ааaat this, а lоt ooооf Cоins & Wild Caаrds here

  2. That's a nice game. But I wonder… Aliasworlds send a message about an upgrade in Snowy Treasure Hunter 3… It was notifying that Snowy Trease Hunter will have a level editor? When it'll be?


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