Startropics [Debug Mode] Full Playthrough


After learning about the Debug Mode in one of my favorite games, Startropics, I wanted to see how quickly I can play through it. Turns out that it was quite quickly. I will also mention that this is the first playthrough of the debug mode in action, as far as I can find. I am not a great player, but at the point of this video being uploaded this is the fastest “playthrough” of the game (though using a Debug Mode cheat, and with my mistakes it shouldn’t be hard to beat). Hard to believe that no one has filmed any footage of this mode either.
Information about the Debug Mode was found here:
This was played via emulator, but while the game genie code would be longer I imagine that it is possible to play on a cartridge. One can only imagine what this code (as well as the walk on water code (SZNZAKSE)) can do as far as interesting videos go. Technically there is a code for the second game (Zoda’s Revenge), but after two failed attempts the copy protection sent me back to Chapter 2. That game also has a mega jump code as well (SEXUYOXS EXULAPXU). These codes are found here:


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