StarTropics (Medley) – Metal Music Video – Lame Genie


Full band playthrough of our StarTropics Medley
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The story of the game follows Mike as he travels to visit his uncle, an archaeologist by the name of Dr. Steven Jones, at his laboratory on the fictional C-Island in the so-called South Seas. When Mike arrives at Dr. Jones’s home in the tropical village of Coralcola, he finds that his uncle has gone missing. Dr. Jones’s assistant gives Mike a special yo-yo to defend himself and permits Mike to use his uncle’s submarine to search for him. On a nearby island, Mike finds a bottle with a message from Dr. Jones, stating that he has been abducted by extraterrestrials. Traveling to many of the isles of the South Seas, Mike encounters monsters, labyrinths, quirky characters, and many intelligent animals, including a talking parrot and a mother dolphin looking for her son, all in the search for his lost uncle.

Near the end of the game, Mike finds Dr. Jones and learns that the aliens had captured him because he had discovered a crashed escape pod from a far-away planet called Argonia. This escape pod contained three magic cubes, which are now in the hands of the aliens’ evil leader Zoda. Infiltrating their spaceship, Mike recovers the three cubes and defeats Zoda, then escapes as the spaceship self-destructs. After Mike returns to C-Island, the cubes are placed together and a small group of children appear. The leader of the children, Mica, explains that they are the last of the Argonians (their home planet having been destroyed) and that her father King Hirocon sent them to Earth to live in peace. The village chief invites the children to live with them in Coralcola, to which they accept, and the game ends with everybody on the island celebrating.


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  1. I always put this on when I’m playing Smash on tortimer island, wishing Mike Jones would be a future DLC fighter

    could happen. Great cover!

  2. Freakin' sweet! Have guys considered covering Super C? No one ever covers that game. Or the Jungle theme for Snake's Revenge? Anyway, loved this one!


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