Super Hi Tops – Toejam & Earl (Genesis) full OST medley


Greetings, we are Super Hi-Tops, a video game cover group out of Austin, Texas!

This video is our cover of every song from the original Toejam & Earl soundtrack on Sega Genesis, played and recorded in one live take

0:00 – ToeJam Jammin
2:31 – Elevator Beats 1
2:50 – Big Earl Bump
5:36 – Elevator Beats 2
5:56 – Rapmaster Rocket Racket
8:11 – Funkotronic Beat
9:53 – Elevator Beats 3
10:11 – Alien Break Down
12:09 – ToeJam Slowjam
14:13 – Final ship piece found!
14:23 – ToeJam Jammin (reprise)

We are, from left to right:
Chris Taylor – 6-string Bass
Kevin Spencer – 6-string Guitar
Justin Olejnik – Drums, Rapmaster Sample Pad, production, video editing
Wedge HD – Keyboards, video editing

Original game music composed by John Baker

Thanks for checking us out! You can find and follow us at the following:

We can also be found in other video game cover bands!
Chris and Justin are in Gimmick! Video Game Rock Band:

Wedge, Kevin, and Justin are in The Returners:


What would you like to hear us cover next? Let us know in the comments!

And make sure to buy the new game, Toejam & Earl Back in the Groove, available now!

Toejam & Earl is owned by HumaNature Studios Inc. This is an unofficial live recording, we don’t own the music or the characters.


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  1. If you're interested in transcriptions/arrangements from this performance, feel free to check out the complete sheet music on Musescore, available for download!

  2. Loved how you guys stick to the almost exact timings and sounds of the game, after this please experiment and do mashups!!! Thank you for giving love to this awesome and nostalgic game.

  3. Solid covers. The bass is a little sloppy at times during the more technical parts, though. The bass line is what leads these tracks, so if it's off, it's noticeable. I do love how you guys chose to be faithful to the original and not make it too fancy. Nice job.

  4. What an excellent performance and callback to a fantastic game from my childhood. Thank you very much for taking the time to do this. I really appreciated it all. Great work. X

  5. This. Is. Awesome. I keep a Sega Genesis just for Toejam and Earl. My cats were named Toejam and earl. This. Is. Awesome

  6. I love how the transition between songs is the elevator.
    This is perfect. This is perfect.
    Thank you for putting the time into this.

  7. Oh man that's so cool and nostalgic! I used to play it as a kid and I've always imagined how the tunes would sound like if played by a real band!

  8. Guys, do you have the tabs for these songs? I have been trying tô play them for so many years with no luck. This is probably the most accurate songs cover from The game in yt. Congrats!


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