The Alt-Right Playbook: How to Radicalize a Normie



Primary sources for this video were:
Alt-America, by David Neiwert
Healing from Hate, by Michael Kimmel*
Terror, Love and Brainwashing, by Alexandra Stein

*Kimmel’s book was purchased before the sexual harassment accusations against him were made; the book is good but I do not endorse the writer.

You can read my livetweets on Alt-America here:

Other major sources:
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  1. I think it's ironic how you refer to the right as a massive eco chamber but your comment section is literally an eco chamber confirming your personal bias like you say the right does.

    At the end of the day, right or left, ideologies form eco chambers anymore, the issue is the far left radicalizes faster and more violent when they organize, the alt right is associated with bad man and bad man bad, "so we're the anti bad man squad so everything we do is inherently good because bad man is bad, making me the good guy."

    The left AND alt left want more government, the political arm of the right has shown to also want more government, at the end of the day they're both working to the same end goal, subjecting the majority to a minority opinion be it POC supremacy or white supremacy, I'd rather neither be considered superior.

  2. Blue pilled and very indoctrinated 10/10
    >implying Joe Rogan is left when he has people of both sides of politics on his podcast
    >criticizing Blair White
    Bruh transphobia isn't cool on the left you're CANCELED
    Very smoothbrainpilled, holy shit.
    >SU wholesome
    OOF FUCK, that show's garbo

  3. Now, how can you convince me that you are not unconsciously trying to turn me into a radical leftist?

  4. 40 minutes of peepeepoopoo if you're not a communist you're alt right. Probably written by a broke college kid. How lovely.

  5. Lmao! Yeah the whole world is out to get you!
    Come on people, believe it or not there are things much more important than your feelings. And i think you should find one and focus on it instead 😅

  6. I like how everyone here is a recovered person from the right meanwhile I'm an eco-marxist just happy to see that the right has lost members and to learn their strategy

  7. How to radicalize white people
    1. Accuse them of racism because they're white
    2. Accuse them of shit they've never done
    3. Dox them for not agreeing with you
    4. Mock his skin color and get upset when he mocks yours
    5. Never stop complaining
    6. Always play the Victim
    7. Be racist towards white people

  8. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.
    It's a, sadly, winning tactic. It's called the "Say It Til It's True" battle tactic of mostly those whose ideas are easily shown to be completely untrue or whose ideas are illogical in so many small ways that it's almost innately known to be untrue. It's meme-creation through mantra and a type of meditation via on demand media.
    Sarah Palin used this Say It Til It's True method to great effect in 2008. And it has been used increasingly, mainly in conservative circles.

  9. Awful amount of people here who are in denial of this rabbit hole.. it's like they didn't even watch the video and left when they saw their beloved Steven Crowder or PJW because they're both "reasonable" or something..

  10. I agree with 99% of what you said but Joe Rogan has many different guests i really dont see him as alt right. He has many great left guests as well as not so great right.

  11. To preface, I’m a Christian Democratic socialist with aversion to sexual identity politics. Every one is entitled to equal rights but not everyone has them. I some could consider me a TERF, but I disagree.

    what surprises me most about this video is while watching this, I can identify instances where the left does most of these things on a regular basis. Yes, they’re more organized and are more willing to speak up even if it causes friction among their “team”, but it’s doing a disservice to pretend that these tactics are exclusive to the alt right

    For example, consider the bullets at 33:10
    -anti social: in 2020 we are just generally more anti social, but the left mentality approaches any sort of interaction with anyone that isn’t like-minded will result in confrontation.
    Where the right is more focused on “owning the libs” the libs are more focused on shutting down and cancelling an opposing opinion, regardless of whether or not it’s actually bad.

    -devoid of social connection: this is a natural result of the previous point, and results in everyone (right and left) returning to their own echo chambers for validation
    -incompatible conspiracies: this is one point where the left is way less susceptible than the right, however the left’s version is being way too nit-picky + aggressive when it comes minor things which, in a greater contextual narrative reinforce a point, but on its own seems trivial (like that black nascar driver and the “noose” in the garage)
    -the left has leaders, but they are very divided, much more than the right is. Not decentralized like the alt right, but at least the majority of conservatives (to everyone’s misfortune) rallied around trump, despite the many things the disparate conservatives factions may see disagreeable with him. With the left, though, you’ll get much more “Bernie bro” sub groups that will furiously reject those with similar values over 1 thing (like how JK Rowling being tagged as a TERF somehow invalidates her other feminist points which aren’t offensive to the louder portions of the trans community)
    -the fear of being outed: the right and left both make online life dangerous. Yes, the right does tend to make overt threats of violence/rape, but the left loves to do all other sorts of things, such as calling for the loss of one’s livelihood (see Justine Sacco, who is a tragic example of grossly misunderstood satire). Both sides do both threats, either side just prefer one form (threats of violence or threats to livelihood) over the other.
    -threat of being turned on: as a heterosexual white man I dislike seeing people say thing like “the whites are at it again” or “are the straights ok” bc even though I know I’m not the problem they’re referencing, it still has a small sting because a literal part of my identity as a human is still being caricatured. I wouldn’t know, but I wonder if this is what it’s like to be a black man dealing with micro aggressions from his white peers. The left is much more willing to turn on each other than the right is.
    Everyone is afraid of being alone. The threat of being turned in at any moment is real for both sides

    It is sad that we as a society are so fixated on our tribal mentalities. We need to return to online anonymity, we need ranked choice voting so there’s less clear cut party lines for people to default to when it comes to defending their tribes and ultimately avoiding critical thinking.

    Anyway, if anyone actually read this and I’m not just shouting into the void, thanks for reading

  12. These white supremisists and nazis are so marginalized they are all holed up in their trailer parks smoking meth. They are not conservatives.

  13. you howed that photo of the rally around 40m and I wont lie as a history nerd I fucking >died< at the deus vult. Full "boy shut the fuck up imma hit you up side the head"
    God forbid the rest of the picture.

  14. BLM is trash movement.
    Antifa is a terrorist group.
    Left can advocate their ideology of nonsensical globalism when it's harming more than benefiting us.
    And, Left's madness of defining so many genders when scientifically, we have only two sexes.
    Third Wave Feminism has become a male trashing movement.
    While First and Second Wave was justifiable but the current wave portrays all men as predators even when it's not true.
    And, SJWs, oh my, they just love to cry like babies.
    It's a shame that people consider Right Wing as a ideology full of hatred, when the reality is the Right is talking about real issues.

  15. "I think that your sense of meaningful engagement with what you’re doing is the psychophysiological marker that you’re acting in a way that takes all of the stacked representations into account simultaneously. Because you’re trying to figure out where you are. And you might think, “Well, that means where I am in this room.” But look. This room is not a simple thing, right? It’s nested. It’s a subset of the university, that’s a subset of society, it’s a subset of your life. The room is a complicated thing. And you need to figure out where you should be in the room. And you can’t do that sheerly with perception, because all you see is me and some of the wall, right? You’ve got this little narrow portal, and so you can’t really rely on your perceptions to orient you. But you do orient yourself, and I think what you do is, it’s engagement. It’s like, “Does this seem meaningful, and deep, and engaging?” Yes. Then it’s an indication that it’s serving multiple masters simultaneously. So maybe both socially and also temporally. And so I think the sense of meaning is actually an instinct that orients people in time and space. It’s not an epiphenomena. It’s the most fundamental form of perception. And that’s the only optimistic thought that I’ve ever been able to derive from psychology."

    Is this an actual quote?

  16. Hahahahaha he think got us all figured out but little dose he know we've been injecting bananas with a Trump's that leftover tanning oils to turn everyone a super racist

  17. Your video lost any sort of credibility once you (at 05:35) tagged people like Steven Crowder and Jordan Peterson and even Ben Shapiro and others as "Far right". When they are absolutely not. Do you even know what the far right is and what it's core beliefs are? There's absolutely no excuse for a video being this long and lacking any sort nuance.
    If anything, these speakers are the last line of defence for normal conservatives that are prone to being radicalized (Something they have adressed themselves) If these relatively moderate voices get shut down, their audience will move to a less filtered environment that has ACTUAL far right ideas. You know, things like: Race theory, White supremacy and Anti semitism, just to name a few. Which are things these speakers have called out many times.
    Saying they "endorse" them anyway because they're not stopping extremists from buying their merch is a ridiculous assessment.
    And this all stems from the false premise of this video that ALL common conservative talking points are automatically "far" and "extreme". That's not how you can make a rational discussion about a viewpoint that is held by almost half of the population.
    By bunching all the right together as radical you fail to fulfill the promise of this video. Which could otherwise be an interesting and important video. Instead, it's a stereotypical and shallow overview of the right, trying to paint them as nerdy white virgins. Nothing we haven't heard millions of times before on literally any mainstream news channel or talk show who are the reason people depend on independent media in the first place.

  18. "Take the red pill or ignore them both, either way it's a step to the right." Not sure I agree with that, chief. Pretty sure it's just a step with getting on with the rest of my day and just making it through. Got enough shit to worry about. Only even wound up here because Youtube's algorithmic insanity decided I needed to see this today. Just saying, neutrality isn't taking the right's side. It's neutrality. Not giving a damn isn't siding with someone, it's not giving a damn.

  19. I was Dave, I was a far right Christian antifeminist. The difference with now is that back then I was 100% sure about my beliefs, that I was right, while now I always leave room in my head for the possibility I could be totally wrong. If you're 100% sure, then you are not thinking. Im glad I got out of this toxic environment.

  20. When I was around 12-13 I was sucked in by anti-sjw and anti-feminist videos on youtube. Thankfully, I met some great people about a year later who really changed my thoughts and beliefs. I also realized that what I was doing wasn't making me any happier than I was before, it was actually making me kinda miserable. I am so happy I didn't get fully sucked into the alt-right attitude.

  21. so.. anyone who disagrees with your ideology is alt right, aight fair enough i'll steer clear of you mister allknowing being who is right on absolutely everything

  22. I watched the whole video, and I would call myself Gabe to some extent by what you described in your video. It explains pretty good how it happens, but it is shit tier at why it happens. You have cherry picked some racists and nazis on right, and basically called anyone that if he is not obeying to lefts radical bullshit. I like how you said at the end about left "it materially makes people's lives better", while your "left", basically destroys and burns america while I type this shit, not to mention no one on BLM cares about black on black violence which outweighs anything else they are protesting.

  23. Nice joke, man. I almost thought this video was serious.
    "I'm not trying to make a slippery slope argument, but I just did and I will continue to throughout this video."

  24. Another thing that is in the mainstream politics that bleeds over into alt-right thinking is Repubs libertarianism and tea-party tropes. Right Libertarianism = just leave me alone on my patch of land, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, if you fail you just have yourself to blame, government and other social groups are to be distrusted. That leads to public policy attitudes such as “why should I pay (in universal health insurance) for some other person’s healthcare, especially for unwed black mothers and druggies”. Selfishness is a virtue. This has to be fought against. Fortunately the vast majority of young people who are growing up in urban environments know that this kind of isolationism and selfishness doesn’t work, and as the electorate demographics continue to change, this should be a positive. Though with urbanization can come isolation…

  25. speak of fandom and stuff the fgc has been going through alot of growing and such lucky one of the best players here in the west is sonicfox who is super progressive and super anti right.

    also lots of players are more left.

    and most of the stupid people are no bodies like rkappa

  26. So I could've gone down a bad road. I was a sad lonely teen. I didn't talk to many people and I lived around a lot of straight white people. I hadn't met many black people and the few I did meet, didn't get along with me. Women I was fine with, I didn't like media aimed at them though and I got worried when I noted an increase in female characters in comics and I was scared about the fact others may like what I like. I didn't understand gay people yet as i hadn't done much work to understand them. I was accepting of other religions and beliefs. If the alt right scopes for anyone it was me. Luckily I never found any of those groups but I almos started going down an alt right direction without knowing.

    Ultimately the things that helped me leave this way of thinking was:
    saying the thought aloud. when the words parsed my lips I felt something wrong as the room quieted. These moments, when I said thing I now regret out loud, was my moment I realised. Wow that thought is not cool, people don't like that. And I put in the effort to not have something like that happen again. Regret is one hell of a feeling

    My younger sibling coming out as non binary with them and thier friend being in the LGBTQ community along side a kinship with a friend who also happened to be gay. With this I wasn't as apprehensive of the LGBTQ and trans community.

    Me realising I might not entirely be straight myself when i started getting feeling for guys, gals, non binary and trans folks. I realised that all this fear and worry about the other was bullshit. I can't hate myself.

    Then 2016. With the UK brexiting because of british xenophobia and Trumps election I thought that the "no fuck you" moment in my brain when I decided that being accepting, tolerant and loving. Supporting others and maybe I was possibly earlier in my life going down a dark road and I swerved before things got really bad
    From there I decided to educate myself in the left and I've never gone back.

  27. Sucks when all my friends want to shoot the sitting president and conforming to terrorism from being radicalized by the internet political groups.

  28. At this point can the Left, Radical Left, Anti-fascists, etc. TRULY claim that they oppose the current neoliberal order? Why do they obsess over a few YouTubers with no institutional power, who are already under immense censorship pressure from Silicon Valley, and not Billionaire Lobbyists, Central Banks, the Military Industrial Complex, Big Agriculture, Big Pharma, Zionism, etc.??? Rlllly makes you think…

  29. Jesus Christ, equating people like Jordan Peterson and anti-SJW sentiment as a gateway to Nazism is shamelessly stupid. Almost everything in this is based on magical mind-reading and amateur psychology of Gabe, a strawman so big it could be seen from Russia.


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