The Sims 4 – Elsa's Frozen Castle Speed Build




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I do not personally own any pictures/music shown in this video.
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  1. I can try to see the real image of the Disney castle and do it in the sims if I ever get it 😂 but I can do it in bloxburg.

  2. Wow, impressive!

    Me: let's make Elsa's Castle!

    Two minutes later………..



    I give up.

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  5. Hi Hatsy! You're buildings are so amazing, I love all of them! Could you tell me which packs you have? Sorry if you already said it in your video but my English is not that good and the only thing I got was the Outdoor-Retreat pack.

  6. This is so cool! I never knew this was a thing, building things like Disney castles, etc. Awesome video and great job on the castle! What I'm very interested in, though, is the language aspect. Im sorry if I missed you saying this, but which languages do you speak? I heard about the German and French-learning and the songs you like (I'm just getting into French, so what is the song your guy doesn't like?), so are those the other languages you have been learned or do you speak any others? Linguistics is my passion and I am trilingual, I'm always very interested in how others go about learning languages. I personally use Rosetta Stone, I've used Pimsleur, listening to music/watching movies in whichever language I'm focusing on, flashcards, a ton of books, and conversation with native speakers whenever possible. If youb ever get the time to read this and reply, please tell me which method(s) have worked for you! Cheers, beautiful castle, und ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag, Mädchen!

  7. I love Harry Potter and Mary Poppins those are my two favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite books and movies


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