Top 10 "Skeleton memes" Gacha life

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Orignial meme–
Song by CloudKid —
Top 1 ლ Sky Ice Cream ლ —
Top 2 Savella —
Top 3 Yu No —
Top 4 •Chitty Kun• —
Top 5 ღmitshuna chanღ —
Top 6 GachaViolet —
Top 7 Rachelle —
Top 8 Howling Kitty —
Top 9 Quartziie —
Top 10 •Ñikâ Li• —
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29 thoughts on “Top 10 "Skeleton memes" Gacha life”

  1. *。+ i i i i 、"。
    You just made the
    BEST compilation I’ve
    Ever seen

  2. You know what I hate? When people copy youtuber’s ideas, without crediting or asking for permission for using the same idea. Let’s take Savella’s arm thingies behind her back, I see so many people with the same thing on their back and they didn’t ask for permission, I am guessing. Neither did they credit her at all. Like, please just come up with your own thing, your own story, your own ideas, your own character.

    Sorry if I sounded rude. I just really hate when that happens :’)


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