Top 10 Worst Video Game Collector's Editions


Today, we’re looking at the most disappointing Collector’s Editions video games have ever received, whether it be because of high prices or lackluster collectibles. Shout-out to the Fallout 76 Collector’s Edition canvas bag that inspired this list! What was the worst Collector’s Edition YOU’VE ever purchased?

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List Entries and Rank:
10) Enemy Zero Limited Edition
9) Call of Duty: World at War Collector’s Edition
8) Destiny 2’s Collector’s Edition
7) Fable II’s Limited Collector’s Edition
6) Halo 3 Limited Edition and Legendary Edition
5) Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition
4) Final Fantasy XIV Japanese Collector’s Edition
3, 2 & 1: ?

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  1. It's good that mass effect andromeda didn't include the game, they saved people from the pain that is mass effect andromeda.

  2. I own that tumblr because I bought it on ebay. THe NA version was better, you got a leather bound journal, an adventuring certificate with your nations seal, the security token, the NA FFXIV 1.0 collectors edition was the best.

  3. I disagree with destiny 2 being on here because that bag is absolutely amazing and well built and the solar powered charger was a “survival kit” which would have been used during the Luna missions with also a solar blanket and more and the charger itself was cool

  4. Normally watchmojo uses people who have never watched the movie, the series, or played the game, etc for top tens

    But shitty collector's edition rank? How are you gonna fuck this one up guys?

    I have low expectations

  5. That red dead one should have been called the “Has a Plan” Edition.

    Oouu oouu or the “Having Faith Edition”

  6. A collector's tat pack with no game is actually a sound idea – anyone who bought the game and enjoyed it can thus buy a bunch of game-related collector's things without buying the whole game again. The issue is that you can't label something like that a "Collector's Edition" if it doesn't include the game, and apparently none of the game publishers thought to just call it something else that clearly indicates that.

  7. Q: Which one is the worst collector's edition?
    A: I think it has to be Game not included, because that's very pointless.

  8. WHAT!? The bag with the Destiny 2 CE is great. Everyone who has seen mine loves it. I even had to buy another on sale because my mother wanted one of the bags.

  9. Honestly did people expect high quality good with their collectors editions? Do they not know where or how those trinkets are manufactured? idiots

  10. Mass effect Andromeda RC car is really good one I have that collectors edition. Game bought on origin.

  11. The Dead Island backlash is stupid. I think that statue is pretty whitty. Its a bust of a bust, gory and torn apart cause you know… Zombies. I think people dont know how to take a joke these days.

  12. Not including the game in the collector's edition should be illegal we happy few did that because they were expecting you already bought the game during Early Access so when people bought the collector's edition thinking they were going to get another game to give to their friend they got Jack schitt

  13. Well, maybe… But do you NOT want that stuff? I don't normally so I don't buy them, I mean right, these companies are FORCING us to get these, oh how horrible our lives as gamers are, why, whyyyyy? 😭😭😭

  14. So the 76 one which everyone (mostly everyone)disliked is at number 3 for numerous problems and bugs. Although riptide is number 2 because of the statue that news journals and plebs didn't like it? Smh


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